Monday, November 02, 2009

The First Time I'm Growing...

Taller? ( Na uh that is never gonna happen. )

Then shorter? ( Hell no! That is technically impossible... or is it? )

You'll never guess that this is the first time in my life I'm growing...

A plant.

Yup, a plant. Wtf right?

Now you see I never like plants of any kind in the house because all they do is attract bugs. Who likes ants and worms and fugly looking creepy things with what looks like fur on them crawling around the place. Ew. ( I know this first hand because my family keeps plants in the house. -_-)

I like them so long as they're outside for me to admire. Then they can attract all the bugs they want I don't care.

So why the hell am I growing a plant now? It's even in my room.

Because it's cat grass I specially ordered for the meow meows!

It's suppose to improve their digestion, hairball problems and stuff like that. And they seriously need that what with their sensitive stomachs and all. ( Why is cat grass...called cat grass? Not the same like those growing outside meh. Why is there no dog grass? Wtf.)

Anyway when it got delivered, I was pretty excited ( my first plant ok! ) and when I opened the packaging, this was what it looked like...


At first I thought it looked ok but then I took a closer look at it and decided it looked gross instead.


The soil looked like it had worms and maggots in there! Does it not look that way from the side?


Never mind. For the sake of my cats I will keep the maggot looking plant thing.

So I watered it and it remained looking the same way it did for 3 long days.

And then!


These alien looking cute furry legged things were popping out from the seeds!



Next these stem things started coming out of the maggot soil too.


And more popped out and they grew taller...

I was wondering what they will look like in the end.


And then they really looked like the grass growing downstairs loh.

Wtf. All grass look the same izzit.

I dunno what I was expecting them to look like. -_-"


Juu having her first sniff of the grass. She really likes it.


This is like the final outcome of the grass. I think this is the tallest it can get.

Juu at the side yakking the poor grass out along with it's roots.

The grass looks kinda tattered and torn from all the yakking and nibbling so I kinda snipe the ends of the grass and feed them to the cats so they don't end the life of the poor plant by pulling the roots out too.

Don't mind my enthusiasm for something that seems so simple. I can get excited over the littlest of things.

On a sidenote,

There was this one interview I went to lately where the boss was this Japanese guy with his shirt unbuttoned half way ( so sexy Lol ) and I thought the interview went fine till we reached the end of it and I got up.

And the boss looked at me like he was seeing me for the first time or something like that, I dunno it was just some sort of weird look, and he exclaimed... How tall are you?

I said Sir I'm not tall at all, I'm very short. 1.48 only. ( OMG. Excuse me while I go knock my head on the wall. )

At which he proceeded to scribble 1.48 at the top of my resume. FML.


Kelvin said...

I know tat plant! My cousin have tat too, but he bought it from England de. And your plant can grow taller from wat i see from my cousin one.

Btw, u only 1.48? U look very tall in ur pics.

LiLu said...

Did yours like it? Ours were kinda like "meh" and just strewed the dirt around everywhere... epic FAIL.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

i just wanna say...The form of the body not meant the obstacle to having the achievement that better than the other person... mayed you always be successful Sist:)

Anya said...

Cat Grass

Amazing pictures from the growing grass

Kareltje =^.^=

Laura said...

nice! i want to do the same thing for my cats!

Chuchu said...

Kelvin: Maybe my plant is slow to mature ba lol..
I look very tall?? *cough cough* em thanks I didn't realise I could look tall even haha, no I am mega short loh.

LiLu: Haha thats hilarious! Er but only if it didn't happen to me lol cannot imagine dirt everywhere omg, they are ok with it =]

Aulawi Ahmad: Thanks! Thats so nice, I hope I can be successful too Hehe

Anya: Haha thanks Kareltje!

Laura: Yeah it is kinda fun to grow it and see their reaction from it lol although some cats don't really like. =]

Huffle Mawson said...

I have cat grass and I LOVE it! I'm glad you're growing some for your kitties.

Huffle Mawson

Chuchu said...

Huffle Mawson: Too bad me kitties aren't lovin it all that much XD

Francis Tan said...

Ha ha! Finally got time to dig out my old account which had been buried for long, no longer do I need to use Anonymous to identify myself. Hee Hee Hee!!

Yup! Yup! your Cat Grass looks good. Hmm... If you only show the last pic and nvr mention it is for your babies, I might though you had fall in love with Spring Onions and decided to plant some for your own cooking...Ha ha ha...

Hey! Thanks for the patience in taking those photos and sharing with us. It's nice to see how those "maggots & worms" germinate into gorgeous cat plants isn't it.

I believe Juu & Pian will love it. Feel happy for them.

Chuchu said...

Francis: As if I can cook ah.. need spring onions for what.. Lol. Yeah it was amusing to see the thing grow. Bian hates it whereas Juu loves it. =/

Jamie Martin said...

What a good Kitty Mom you are to grow that for them but that thing at the interview what was that about did you have to ad all your measurements plus shoe size?

Chuchu said...

Jamie Martin: Hahaha that is funny but nooo.. The Boss just seem obsessed with my height somehow. Oh well who knows maybe I am the shortest creature he has seen. Lol.