Monday, March 23, 2009

Home 'Sweet' Home

I'm home! At last I'm home. This should be a good thing but man I am so not looking forward to seeing the useless old man around the house again. Sianess. Not to forget the wretched dogs. These two things are what makes me hate this place the most. Among afew other things.

I'm sure in days to come, it will only get more sickening but guess this is life. Can't do a shit about it.


Liz smsed again. This time her sms says: Hello. I Am Warded In Hospital Again. I Am Having A Relapse Schema. Visit Me And Bring Me Balloons! Ward 7B, Bed 32.

Wtf. Buan paiseh one this girl. Can't believe her skin is so mega thick.

Is like to me, I think if people came to visit me in hospital I would appreciate the effort they made just to come see me. And it wouldn't matter if they bought anything for me.

But every single time she is admitted to hospital, she can just ask me and her other friends to get her a balloon. And it can't just be any plain balloon. No, she picks out the one that she likes. Which is usually this big expensive balloon.

Actually it is not so much about the money, but the fact that she is always making me buy or spent money on her without any consideration for me? And I can never forget the times when she was with afew of her ex bfs who weren't very rich and would borrow money from me every now and then. I don't mind lending money to friends in need. But it is a different thing when a 'friend' borrows from you and never returns. Really, what kind of friend is that?

There were other times when she was in the hospital again and knowing I was coming to see her, would ask me to help buy her cigarettes. That was fine with me but after afew times of doing the same thing, I realise she would conveniently just take whatever she asked me to help her buy and that would be it. What was I?? A fucking atm machine???


Ahhhhh. Ok I need to stop thinking about all the unhappy things.

Anyway, I didn't put up pictures of the chio $1200 kitty from pet tales yet. So here they are.


Haha, he is really cute right? I think the pricetag for him is worth it, if only to see this adorable face everyday. Too bad he has some attitude issues. That is just so much like a typical guy.


Oh yah, his tongue is sticking out not cause I squash his face like that but cause I was stroking him then it just suddenly popped out. Lol. Damn cute la.


Hehe, one last picture of him. Awww... why you got attitude problem one?? If not I surely bring you home. Ah, too bad la.