Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop Spamming Redundant Shit Or Advs In My Comment Section!!!


Fuck, my blog may be died but that doesn't mean you anonymous losers can keep spamming advs and dunno what other kind of irrelevant bullshit as comments ok???

Even if I'm not blogging anymore, I would like to maintain my blog as it is.

Man... Where's the respect nowsadays. -_-

Jeez. Can't even stop blogging in peace.
( Lol. The irony. )

On a sidenote, omg!!! I lost all my vox blog links because the stupid vox closed down a long time ago. If any of you guys still ( by some miracle ) happen to drop by... please please leave down your blog link k?? Thanks... Although I think after I haven't been blogging for what seems like so many decades ago, its pretty unlikely anyone will still see this post.

Oh well... no harm trying.

P.S. I wonder how everyone has been doing... I wonder if Jamie Martin geckos are doing fine @_@ and him too...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 More Holes


Just very recently punctured three holes on my right ear. Been waiting and wanting to do this for so long but just didn't have the moolah to do so.

The damage for the three holes was 300 dollars plus. ( One stupid hole is worth a 100 bucks )Wtf right. Why so expensive? Cause I am so suay to have freaking sensitive ears and can only go to B*dazzle to pierce them. Now actually the cost is for the earrings only, I think the piercing is actually free or something. Anyway that should be the case la because the earrings are so bloody costly already.

See, so for those people who can go pierce the 10 dollars kind, you are damn lucky la! Envy you guys sia... T_T



The top three earrings are the new piercings.

The teeny weeny pink jewel is actually more expensive than the bigger white ones. Wtf. But I couldn't put the white one there because it would be too big for that part of the ear.

The pink jewel is also just a replacement for something else I have in mind. But can only change the ear stud after a month cause gotta wait for it to heal first.

Pretty happy with the whole thing. One unfortunate thing I realise though... is that I haven't been able to get a good sleep since the piercings!

Because I punched so many holes, its freaking painful to lay on the right side now! Wtf la. I know just lay on the left side or straight would pretty much solve the problem but when I sleep I cannot control which side I turn right?? Then when I turn on the right, I'll wake up cause it hurts so bad nia.

Oh well. One month later and it should be alright. Just tahan for now.

Ah. For those who have free time right, can go to this blog

I always wash my hair first.

It was quite accurate for me ba. Cause always daydreaming Wahaha. Wtf.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Me. The Smallest Gal at the Smallest Bar. LOL.

Everytime I stop blogging, there's only one reason why.

It's always because I've found a job and started working.

I really admire those people who are still able to find the time to blog even though they are working. For me is like since I work 6 days a week, my one miserable off day is spent catching up on sleep. And I feel that if you work 6 days, 1 day off feels like nothing. It just whooshes by just like that and its time to work again before you know it. Fuck sian la.

Then in whatever little spare time I have, is mostly spent on the cats. They've gotten so used to having me around 24/7. I think that they miss me when I go to work. Even though Bianbian is usually aloof, she hovers around the door everytime I leave the room. And comes and kneads on my blanket when I'm sleeping.

JuuJuu too. She still has the habit to come and lay beside my head and nibble on my face. Diao.

Oh well, no choice also. Have to earn money to support you fattys. Otherwise how you guys stay cute and fat hor. Lol.

Anyway, I found a job as a bar waitress. The job's certainly been ( for lack of a better word ) interesting so far. Entertaining at times too I guess.

I have three japanese bosses. Who are all men. And I'm the only waitress at my bar because it's a newly opened one. Which is really an advantage for me because this also means no other female around. No chances of anyone bitching, backstabbing or sabotaging me at work. Phew! But then again, catering to three different bosses is not easy. Especially when each is so different in character from another.

It gets really frustrating sometimes but I think I have gotten sorta used to it by now.

When I have more time ( Unlikely! ), I may post some pictures up and all.

Now is time to go back to sleep... Zzz

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Part 2: Melt

Be prepared to be bombarded with loads of photos. I hope your internet speed is better than average if not then you lag to death.

Anyway, comments will be kept short yah since so many pictures.


Went for the lunch buffet one. For once we were on time. They were suppose to be open for the buffet at 12pm but then they were still preparing the food or something and were damn late. And we couldn't even go in to seat first, asked to seat outside somemore. Knn.


So took afew pictures outside while waiting. Got hole at the top of the building. Thats why got sun shining in.


Another pic with Pea.


A glimpse of paradise from outside. XD

That's the dessert section. * Drools*

I wanted to go in to take photos first before people started on the buffet but got chased away. =[

When we could finally go in, the service people came and wanted to give a tour of the place and intoduction of the different sections. Wtf. So waste of time. I slipped away and went to the dessert section which Melt's is best known for to take photos instead.


Chocolate fondue! Got cute star shape dunno what to dip in somemore! So much better than the one at Shangri La, The Line. Wah, that place suck until cannot suck already. The food like cooked by trainee chefs like that. Pay a hefty price for shitty food. Ccb.


Then move on to take pics of the cakes before anyone pokes into them and ruins it.

While I am taking pics, everybody else was already digging into the main course section after their own stupid tour and intro. Oh well.


Was looking forward to trying this one. Love tarts. =]


Don't remember seeing this one after I headed back here the second time. I think the cakes once gone get replaced by some other ones or are just gone.


Mocca! I like coffee flavoured stuff just as much as I like coffee.


You should have seen the inside of this one ( forgot to take pic after people poked into it but anyway it was kinda messy ) it looked absolutely scrumptious! But I was already too full and so couldn't stuff this in. Though I received feedback that it was really good. =]


Pear?? Yuck.


Real life strawberry shortcake! Ok thats sounds weird. But then I have never seen the actual cake before except the cartoon name strawberry shortcake and the strawberry shortcake growing on my trees in pet society. Wtf.


Strawberry rhubarb crumble.

Ahhhhh. This was the one I told myself I must try first of all the cakes there.


Ok open these glass drawers ( I dunno what else to call it but that la ) and you will see these cute little cups of different kinds of mousse.


Second drawer.


There was also a third glass drawer but this one cannot open one. Only can admire the pretty cakes inside. =[

Che. Made me so excited to see this chocolate macaroon cake but cannot eat one.


Giant macaroon stuffed with raspberries! Also cannot eat. Boo.


Malay Kuay.


Looks nice but smells so bad! Like something rotting like that.


This one nice. Sticky rice with mango on top. =D


Close up pic.


What is brussels??


All the different kinds of things you can choose to put in your waffle.


Best bread pudding ever!!!

We got this dessert before anyone else did because while I was hanging around the dessert section still taking pics, I saw the bread pudding sign but nothing there and said out loud why got nothing there and the pastry chef who was there busy doing his thing, heard me and said cause just out of the oven and still hot but he'll give it to us early.

Yay! =D


I like it so much partly cause it doesn't have alot of raisins like other bread pudding. Cause I hate raisins. But there was only like 3 in the whole thing and they were the white ones which are not so sweet like the black ones.

Awww... I miss this already. =[


At last moving onto main course. This is the slices of raw fishes which I don't touch. At all.

Buan tahan that jelly jelly kinda texture, only make me feel like puking.


First time seeing three kinds of noodles to make soba.


Smoked duck! Which I have also never seen before. Really Melt seems to have alot of food I first time see.


Almost forgot to mention that the day I went here was Indian themed food... which I'm not actually enthusiastic over...

I wouldn't mind if it's different kinds of roti prata instead of curries. =P


My weird concoction.

Gula melaka with coconut and condensed milk along with sweet corn and atap seeds.


The smoked duck along with other smoked stuff. I like eat smoked things maybe cause its salty.


My birthday hong bao. =]



Suddenly while I was stuffing my mouth full, the pastry chef came over with this!

Chocolate pudding with vanilla bean ice cream topped with mango sauce.

I think the chef kinda just made this for us because no one else in that whole place got this except for us.

Muhaha, the benefits of being a gal blogger! Complimentary desserts somemore.

Yeah, Life is Good.


The tarts. The strawberry one was so much more better. I wished I had more room in my tummy to eat more of it but no space liao. The walnut one was kinda disappointing as it was dry and hard .


Mango mousse and pink colour sago with coconut milk inside. Mango mousse was ok. The pretty pink one was awful though.


My kickass boots. =P


Finishing up with the ice creams. Must try the vanilla bean one ok?? It is damn bloody good.

Ok now I can go to sleep dreaming about strawberry crumbles and ice creams. Yum.....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 1: The 10 dollars Buffet

Oookkk actually I was planning to post ALL the pictures taken for my birthday together but too many!! Look at all of them makes me feel mentally exhausted already. And I am feeling lazy. So...

Tomorrow then do the rest... Heh.

Therefore, start first with the 10 dollars buffet. ( Shiok right 10 bucks only! ) Anyway who want to know about the expensive one when got cheap one hor?

Ok, so if you are one of those people who are pokai ( like me! ) but still want to eat buffet, enjoy good food and like japanese food then maybe this buffet may be your thing.

It's a place called Curry Favor at novena square at the top most level. And.....

Here's a pic of the signboard explaining more about the buffet so I can talk less. =P


Ok ok... so it is 80 cents more. But no big deal right? Better than nothing. Lol.

Not happy it is 80 cents more than you can go find cheaper one la.

Part of the reason why it's cheap is because it's only available during the weekdays.

And notice the time when it starts and closes? ( Very important ok! )

Don't say I didn't warn you but if you wanna go eat here, you best be there when it starts. Don't think you can reach there at 12.30 or 1 and still have a nice meal because one very fucked up thing about novena is the bloody working crowd.

When lunch hour comes, you will find yourself not only competing with the shoppers around novena BUT also all the working people.

Nabeh, is like everywhere you wanna go and eat is already full of the working people. Then no more good and cheap place to eat left.
What's left is those expensive restaurants where nobody wants to go to.

The stupid office buildings there should build canteen also mah.

Anyway this is the second time I came here to eat. And I made the mistake of coming at 12.45 pm. It was packed and all the nice good food were gone already. The people here don't exactly stock back the food once it's gone. First come, first serve.


My first plate of food.

Very sad loh! The chicken curry no more chicken, left all the skin floating around only. Wtf.

Then the minced beef curry one suppose to have potatoes and carrots, left only the carrots. ( I like potatoes but don't like carrots ) Suay.

My favourite fried calamari rings also not there. Replaced by some lao ya onion rings.

The seafood there is good one. The calamari ring is not the hard kind that bite already the texture like rubber like that but is chewy and soft one. Ebi there also good.

Even though the variety is not alot ( what you expect for 10 bucks eh? ), but mostly whatever food is there taste good.

Moving on...


My friend's plate.

Some of the pictures may be too bright. When I use flash and take usually ends up too blinding then when I don't use it's too dark.


Pics of us!






My second plate. Which actually doesn't look much different from the first. Nothing left mah.

As you can see the chicken skin is still there. -_-


I love this pic! It looks as if I'm wearing fake lashes but I'm not.


Last plate.

I know I am so weird for putting my chicken with my brownies. But I don't care if my main course and desserts are on the same plate as long as they are not touching each other.


Fel finishing up too.


All poofed. Eat too full.

One more thing about novena... it is bloody freaking cold there.

Check out what I wore...


I was freezing my butt off the whole time.