Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yay! I'm not the only nymphomaniac around Wtf

Recently got to talk online to a long term girlfriend of mine who is studying overseas. And I'm glad I got to because seldom do I see her online. ( She must be thinking the same thing of me lol )

Fuck do I miss having her around. I think she is like the only girlfriend I know of who I can talk to about the most seriously obscene stuff and she wouldn't even bat a eyelid. She'll even share some stuff about equally obscene shit back with me.

And I'm ridiculously happy to know that we're both nymphomaniacs. ( Maybe so that I feel that bit more normal...... Ahhh who am I kidding. )

Eh girl... remember to share tips ok? Haha. Half Kidding. Wtf.

Anyway have become so addicted in reading other people's blog lately. Especially TMI Thursdays from LiLu. Freaking interesting stuff ok. I can't stop reading all the entries. I would actually like to participate but then I'm not sure I want people reading that kinda stuff about me. Yet. People who know me would totally freak out or run away screaming. Anyway who cares so long as I get to enjoy reading other people's entries.

On to more bo liao topics,

I did my nails.


No money to let people paint so have to paint my own nails. Wtf.

At first I did a lavender purple base thing. Then decided it looked abit boring so I added silver and pink glitter on top.

Heng it turned out quite ok ah. Abit christmasy even. =D

And had Pastamania's banana dessert pizza for dinner.


I heart sweet stuff. =]

Especially when there's chocolate involved.


The first time I ate this though, it did not leave a good impression. But yishun pastamania rocks man.


The only thing that spoiled my yummylicious experience was that my bloody pizza was cold. =[

I was walking home happily with my earphones plugged in and pippin hot pizza in hand when suddenly somebody was walking beside me and talking away.

I immediately turned to the side ready to give my best fuck off look but then the talking walking creature was this incredibly cute guy ( with spiky hair! woots! ) wearing a red shirt which only served to make him look more hotter.

He said he just wanted to do this survey and I thought why not so I did his little survey and he started yakking somemore about I'm not sure what. I wasn't really paying attention. I only know he was one of those supposedly annoying prudential insurance people. After chit chatting awhile I finally got to go off.

And this is why my poor pizza turned cold. Boo.


Anya said...

Í love those nails
its beautiful
good job :-)

Chuchu said...

Anya: Awww shucks, thanks a whole lot for saying that! ^^

Cheap Soma Online said...

Nothing like a hot guy in red to distract a girl from chocolate smothered pizza.

David Jr said...

wow, angry alright, but I like the self-nail-job. Cats are cute too.

Malaysia Asia

Chuchu said...

Cheap Soma Online: Wahaha, Totally True! A hot guy wins hands down to a hot pizza anytime! woot.

Chuchu said...

David Jr: Eh, Thanks! But I don't really get what you mean by ' angry alright' ? * Big question mark on top of my head *

Lorianna said...

I love your nails! I adore glitter!
You are really good at that Chuchu. :)
Are you wanting a boyfriend? You are such a pretty girl, I would think guys would be tripping over themselves for your attention. But, sadly young men can be very childish sometimes.
I have a chocolate addiction too. It's been proven that the chemicals in it make people feel good.
My kitties like cat grass too. Especially Toeshee. You're a good kitty mom!
Hope all is well with you and your kitties!
Have a happy week!

Jamie Martin said...

Seriously love your nails something very flashy yet unique... there is so many blogs out there one could loose there mind and eyesight reading all them and what some post are truly a WTF well worth the read of things you would not say to anyone you know!

Chuchu said...

Lorianna: Haha thank you! I heart glittered nails too =D
Yes most young men are childish creatures, even some older ones. Tsk.
Aw thanks I do hope I am a good kitty mum >.<
You and kitties at your side have a happy week too ^.^

Jamie Martin: Yeah I love flashy yet unique haha XD
So many blogs, so little time.

Kelvin said...

Wah bling bling wor^^
I hate tat pizza though...taste fuck up to me...

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! chocolate pizza?! that is sooo interesting. I wish we had that here. I love chocolatey food as well. Oh and I'd love love love to read about one of your TMI moments. =)

von Yvonne said...

aww beautiful nails! haha i suck at decorating my own nails, especially my right hand's. glitters as in glitter powder or the polish? it's really gorgeous! <3

von Yvonne said...

just saw the pics of your cats, they are soooo lovely! i've been wanting to get a cat! did you buy them from pet shops or strays or ..?

Chuchu said...

Kelvin: Haha I like bling bling la. Aww I actually think this pizza is one of the greatest thing ever.

ChinkyGirLMeL: Yeah it totally rocks man! =D Only this place has it though no where else. Sad.
Thanks! I'll love to write about a TMI moment too but I may scare people off after that. Lol.

von Yvonne: Thanks for saying their beautiful. =]
Haha I do have difficulty doing the right hand too though, take very long to paint one.
Its glitter polish. I'm way too impatient to spent time putting the powder one. And its super messy too.
My cats are gotten from a pet shop called Pet Tales. =]

CATS 4 MEOWS said...

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Ah...............I do know ladies share among themselves 'intimate' knowledge but I do have some ladies friend who confirm to me their 'intimate' knowledge & OMG it is totally new to what I know. He! He! Always good to learn new 'stuff'!

BTW nice nail & have a very nice day!

Chuchu said...

Horny Ang Moh: Haha yeah it is! Interesting too. Maybe you can blog about what knowledge they share with you, Hehe thanks for dropping by and you have a great week ahead ^^

Irenelim said...

Those are freaking nice nails! I want your nails. :)

Chuchu said...

Irenelim: Haha thanks! XD


OMG! We have things in common! I'm a nymphomaniac and cat lover too! I've three adorable pussies. LOL!

Love your blog.
Missus Singapore out!

charlienuman said...

I love pussies especially when it's wet......