Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 More Holes


Just very recently punctured three holes on my right ear. Been waiting and wanting to do this for so long but just didn't have the moolah to do so.

The damage for the three holes was 300 dollars plus. ( One stupid hole is worth a 100 bucks )Wtf right. Why so expensive? Cause I am so suay to have freaking sensitive ears and can only go to B*dazzle to pierce them. Now actually the cost is for the earrings only, I think the piercing is actually free or something. Anyway that should be the case la because the earrings are so bloody costly already.

See, so for those people who can go pierce the 10 dollars kind, you are damn lucky la! Envy you guys sia... T_T



The top three earrings are the new piercings.

The teeny weeny pink jewel is actually more expensive than the bigger white ones. Wtf. But I couldn't put the white one there because it would be too big for that part of the ear.

The pink jewel is also just a replacement for something else I have in mind. But can only change the ear stud after a month cause gotta wait for it to heal first.

Pretty happy with the whole thing. One unfortunate thing I realise though... is that I haven't been able to get a good sleep since the piercings!

Because I punched so many holes, its freaking painful to lay on the right side now! Wtf la. I know just lay on the left side or straight would pretty much solve the problem but when I sleep I cannot control which side I turn right?? Then when I turn on the right, I'll wake up cause it hurts so bad nia.

Oh well. One month later and it should be alright. Just tahan for now.

Ah. For those who have free time right, can go to this blog


I always wash my hair first.

It was quite accurate for me ba. Cause always daydreaming Wahaha. Wtf.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Me. The Smallest Gal at the Smallest Bar. LOL.

Everytime I stop blogging, there's only one reason why.

It's always because I've found a job and started working.

I really admire those people who are still able to find the time to blog even though they are working. For me is like since I work 6 days a week, my one miserable off day is spent catching up on sleep. And I feel that if you work 6 days, 1 day off feels like nothing. It just whooshes by just like that and its time to work again before you know it. Fuck sian la.

Then in whatever little spare time I have, is mostly spent on the cats. They've gotten so used to having me around 24/7. I think that they miss me when I go to work. Even though Bianbian is usually aloof, she hovers around the door everytime I leave the room. And comes and kneads on my blanket when I'm sleeping.

JuuJuu too. She still has the habit to come and lay beside my head and nibble on my face. Diao.

Oh well, no choice also. Have to earn money to support you fattys. Otherwise how you guys stay cute and fat hor. Lol.

Anyway, I found a job as a bar waitress. The job's certainly been ( for lack of a better word ) interesting so far. Entertaining at times too I guess.

I have three japanese bosses. Who are all men. And I'm the only waitress at my bar because it's a newly opened one. Which is really an advantage for me because this also means no other female around. No chances of anyone bitching, backstabbing or sabotaging me at work. Phew! But then again, catering to three different bosses is not easy. Especially when each is so different in character from another.

It gets really frustrating sometimes but I think I have gotten sorta used to it by now.

When I have more time ( Unlikely! ), I may post some pictures up and all.

Now is time to go back to sleep... Zzz