Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you to all of you guys who gave a damn.

Really. =]

I can't say how much I appreciate the kind comments given to me in the previous post I made. Every single comment. Because to me it just shouts out Hey Somebody Cared! I didn't write that post with the intention of hoping for people to pity or feel sympathy for me or anything like that.

I was just having one of my down moments. Hence the depressy posts. I'll tend to rant and whine like this once in a while. Bear with me or you could just skip those depressy posts. It's perfectly fine.

............ I still can hardly believe there are people out there who care. It is almost mind boggling. Not like some people ( living in the same house as me and others in my life ) who couldn't give a flying fuck about me.

Anyway, I recently just watched another video on youtube which is like the coolest thing ever to have happened in singapore! I'm serious. Wahliao nothing interesting ever happens here la because people here are too conservative and not open minded and then they come up with something like this! Actually HTC did. But gudos to all the dancers who dared to performed. I just wished I was there. Shucks.

It was so bloody successful that there was even a part 2 at wisma. Which I missed too. Wtf. =[

Me wants the electric hot blue shorts. XD Haha anyway I think it takes alot of effort ok to dance in the sun ( 1st video ) dressed like normal passer bys with bags and all.
Imagine. Have to dance around carrying a haversack ( 2nd video ) and for some of the dancers, holding the HTC handphone somemore. Props to them all man.


Kelvin said...

Those people is cool V(^(oO)^)V

Anya said...

Beautiful words written
and we all have our ups @ downs :)
Think positive .......
hugs from us
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

GiN said...

always remember we are all here to care about u and love u :')

hmmm..? so the people who dance at flash mob is arranged de la?

no wonder i was thinking,how come all of them dancing the same dance..LoL

Jamie Martin said...

It is kinda cute and kinda interesting and well done. I have heard of many other types of more like comedy ones done where at a certain time everyone freezes in a pose then takes off as nothing has happened with posts on internet sights for people who are interested in planed events! It looks like a lot of fun!
I hope you and the Cats are doing fine time is a strange thing and some times it gets harder before it gets better

LiLu said...

That is awesome! I'm totally coveting those shorts, too... ;-)

DC said...

Life is never a bed of roses.

Take care!

Chuchu said...

Kelvin: Yeah! They are. =D

Anya: Thank you I will try to think positive from now. =]

Gin: Yup all the 200 plus dancers is hired by HTC one to perform in public. Its so cool ^^

Jamie Martin: Yeah it would have been really fun to watch had I been there.. first of its kind here though how exciting! XD

LiLu: Haha yeah they are way too hot =P

DC: Too many thorns pricking me to my liking though =/ Thanks, you too! =]

Forever Foster said...

That is so cool! What a great idea:)

Anonymous said...

So Cool! Feel like dancing with them right there.....Francis

Chuchu said...

Forever Foster: Haha yes it is =D

Francis: Can dance in your room to the video ah Lol. XD

Dante said...

Oh the flash mob. I know of one of the dancer's blog:

It's in the archive. Wish I was there too lol....