Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop Spamming Redundant Shit Or Advs In My Comment Section!!!


Fuck, my blog may be died but that doesn't mean you anonymous losers can keep spamming advs and dunno what other kind of irrelevant bullshit as comments ok???

Even if I'm not blogging anymore, I would like to maintain my blog as it is.

Man... Where's the respect nowsadays. -_-

Jeez. Can't even stop blogging in peace.
( Lol. The irony. )

On a sidenote, omg!!! I lost all my vox blog links because the stupid vox closed down a long time ago. If any of you guys still ( by some miracle ) happen to drop by... please please leave down your blog link k?? Thanks... Although I think after I haven't been blogging for what seems like so many decades ago, its pretty unlikely anyone will still see this post.

Oh well... no harm trying.

P.S. I wonder how everyone has been doing... I wonder if Jamie Martin geckos are doing fine @_@ and him too...