Saturday, November 07, 2009

Turning 23..... Damn I feel old.

Best gift ever from my sis! Cat ears Hehe.

Ok so today I'm officially 23 years old. Wahliao, like bloody old loh. Still feel like a 16 year old. Wtf.

Everytime people ask me when's my birthday, I always tell them to just remember the 7-eleven store can already. Its easier to remember by that way right?

Anyway off to eat buffet later. I adore buffets. ( Who doesn't? lol ) So much fun being able to choose between many different kinds of food. I do like variety because I'm the kind of person that halfway through my noodles or whatever food I'm eating, will get sian of it one.

But me having the hamster stomach that I have is like the most not worth it person to eat buffet. Because I never eat until it's worth the money. Like I say... hamster stomach mah. Bo pian.

Yesterday I went to this place that had a buffet for only 10 bucks though. Fucking cheap. I think its pretty worth it even for a person like me who eat like hamster.

Today going to eat a more not so value one. But once a year only so should be ok la.

Took mega alot of pictures but they'll be up another day. Enjoy first mah =P


Anyway my cat friend over at gave me this Honest Scrap Award whereby I gotten list 10 interesting and honest facts about myself. And then pass this on to 7 blogging people.

Hmm, dunno what would be deem as interesting to you guys so I thought about listing little known facts. I had fun thinking what to write though.

1. I had a car accident when I was young. Actually it was this singtel van. I ran across the road and got banged by it. And I flew several feet away and landed on my butt... still holding on to my school bag and file. The impact broke the van's front screen and instead of worrying more about whether I was fine, I kept worrying about whether I had to pay singtel for breaking their van's front screen. Wtf.

2. I also felt very awkward around guys when I was young and I covered it up by adopting this fierce attitude and beating the guys. Scary I know. I've stopped doing that since then.

3. I've been in abusive relationships since I was 18 years old till recently.

4. Most girls don't seem to like me much. ( I dunno why ok?? ) For some of them it is like instant dislike on first sight. The guys on the other hand have no problem with me though. Weird.

5. Er... I'm 1.48 in height? Cannot think of anything liao.

6. I have a sensitive stomach. ( Just like my cats wtf ) I am not suppose to eat any dairy food products, spicy, oily and heaty food. But if I had listened to the doctor and did just that, I would not be writing this now and you would be visiting my funeral. I live to eat yah and not eat to live.

7. I had my tonsils removed.

8. Everytime I walk in the rain I never get sick one.

9. I love the night and loathe the day.

10. There was this one time when a ex and me were fooling around on his bed when it broke and came crashing down. It would have been hilarious if I hadn't been laying stun tio in it's debris.

Ok, so that's about it and I now pass this onto 7 blogging people who will be...

Twilight's Muse

The people listed above are not obliged to do this meme if they are too busy or don't want to. Have fun if you are doing it though. =]


Mike Yip said...

Happy Birthday to you.

There's something wrong wit your blog template, the sidebar's off.

GiN said...

thanks for including me to do the honest scrap!

& LoL!

the number 10 is reali hilarious!!

KwOnG FeI said...

yo..happy belated birthday!~

buffet? i love the most.. i usually eat from the time they open to the time the shop closes.And of course i eat until i felt i have reach to the amount I had paid..haha..that makes me a fat boy~~

btw, where can we find dat 10 bucks buffet?


Aulawi Ahmad said...

Happy birthday Sist...always happy n succes 4 u..amen... n never felt old 4 gain the best in ur live :)

kenwooi said...

happy belated birthday =)

Anya said...


Thanks for the award !!!
I have it but I am so happy to receive it again :)))))))
All can in bloggyworld ....
Have a wonderful day !!!

Laura said...

We have the same birthday! Hope you had a good one :)

Chuchu said...

Mike Yip: Thanks! Oh hey are you using firefox or internet explorer? Because if you use firefox it will look off but under internet explorer it will be fine. =]

Gin: Haha hope you have fun thinking what things to list! =P

KwOnG FeI: Wah! Then I think the buffet people won't be happy having you as their customer haha cuz eat until value one. =P
Oh that 10 bucks buffet will be up in the next post. ;]

Aulawi Ahmad: Awww so nice of you, thanks for ya well wishes =]

Kenwooi: Hey thanks! =]

Anya: Oops! Didn't know you already received it =X

Laura: Oh wow thats so cool, hey happy belated birthday to ya too! =D

Irenelim said...

I love buffet too, but just like you usually eat very little only, so I think the buffet restaurant owner must be really happy to see customers like us. My favorite buffet is Japanese ones, for example Tenji and Jogoya. :)

Kelvin said...

I am 23 yrs old for 22 days oredi^^

I oso got car accident when young...i go bang a BMW...big hole in front of his car haha^^

I got a sensitive stomach too...i can't eat healthy food...dunno why.

I love playing in the rain, i oso nvr get sick after playing before, makes me wonder why my friends can get MC so easliy...

There was this one time when my ex & I was u-know-wat in her bed when her mum came in. She break my ex bed.

Kelvin said...

And yeah,


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Happy birthday sweetie. And don't worry you don't look old, not a day over 16. =) smile always. wishing you all the best not just on your special day but each and everyday. =) Cheers!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

23 - not old at all! I am older but I still feel like I am 23 (and I am going to be well, older that that!) And we are both November birthdays - vere cool!

And I don't get why girls don't like you - I liked you the first time I read your blog - and I am a girl.

It is good that you are out of the abusive relationship - that is one thing I have been lucky on - I have a great boyfriend. Just remember - you are awesome and deserve and awesome boyfriend too!

Happe Belated Birthday!!!

Chuchu said...

Irenelim: Lol yeah they must wish more people like us go eat their food. value for money... for them. Haha XD
Great boutique you have there btw, too bad I don't stay in mal though =(

Kelvin: No way man you're 23 too?? Lol ok those were really hilarious but not true one right.. Haha thanks for the birthday wish though. ^^

ChinkyGirLMeL: Awww thanks girl. =] So sweet of you to say I don't look over 16 XD

Amy and The House of Cats: Oh yay more november babies! ^^
Awww thanks for saying that. I also don't get why they don't like me?
I feel happy that you are lucky to have such a great bf. Hope you guys are great always =]

Kelvin said...

Actually its real...

Chuchu said...

Kelvin: Huh really ah.. Didn't think your ex's mum would really break her bed. Break her bed still got your bed mah. Anyway anywhere also can do, don't need the bed one.

Jamie Martin said...

Hope it was a very happy birthday and an enjoyable buffet, also love the ears look good on you!
Love the 10 items about you, can be a pain to think it up on the spot usually afterwords you think of smarter things to have added but like them all......
But it might be because your cute that guys like you and girls hate you at first sight!

Chuchu said...

Jamie Martin: Thank you! =D
I really really love those ears! People must think I am crazy for wearing them though haha..
yes I did think of better stuff afterwards but it was too late. awww...