Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 1: The 10 dollars Buffet

Oookkk actually I was planning to post ALL the pictures taken for my birthday together but too many!! Look at all of them makes me feel mentally exhausted already. And I am feeling lazy. So...

Tomorrow then do the rest... Heh.

Therefore, start first with the 10 dollars buffet. ( Shiok right 10 bucks only! ) Anyway who want to know about the expensive one when got cheap one hor?

Ok, so if you are one of those people who are pokai ( like me! ) but still want to eat buffet, enjoy good food and like japanese food then maybe this buffet may be your thing.

It's a place called Curry Favor at novena square at the top most level. And.....

Here's a pic of the signboard explaining more about the buffet so I can talk less. =P


Ok ok... so it is 80 cents more. But no big deal right? Better than nothing. Lol.

Not happy it is 80 cents more than you can go find cheaper one la.

Part of the reason why it's cheap is because it's only available during the weekdays.

And notice the time when it starts and closes? ( Very important ok! )

Don't say I didn't warn you but if you wanna go eat here, you best be there when it starts. Don't think you can reach there at 12.30 or 1 and still have a nice meal because one very fucked up thing about novena is the bloody working crowd.

When lunch hour comes, you will find yourself not only competing with the shoppers around novena BUT also all the working people.

Nabeh, is like everywhere you wanna go and eat is already full of the working people. Then no more good and cheap place to eat left.
What's left is those expensive restaurants where nobody wants to go to.

The stupid office buildings there should build canteen also mah.

Anyway this is the second time I came here to eat. And I made the mistake of coming at 12.45 pm. It was packed and all the nice good food were gone already. The people here don't exactly stock back the food once it's gone. First come, first serve.


My first plate of food.

Very sad loh! The chicken curry no more chicken, left all the skin floating around only. Wtf.

Then the minced beef curry one suppose to have potatoes and carrots, left only the carrots. ( I like potatoes but don't like carrots ) Suay.

My favourite fried calamari rings also not there. Replaced by some lao ya onion rings.

The seafood there is good one. The calamari ring is not the hard kind that bite already the texture like rubber like that but is chewy and soft one. Ebi there also good.

Even though the variety is not alot ( what you expect for 10 bucks eh? ), but mostly whatever food is there taste good.

Moving on...


My friend's plate.

Some of the pictures may be too bright. When I use flash and take usually ends up too blinding then when I don't use it's too dark.


Pics of us!






My second plate. Which actually doesn't look much different from the first. Nothing left mah.

As you can see the chicken skin is still there. -_-


I love this pic! It looks as if I'm wearing fake lashes but I'm not.


Last plate.

I know I am so weird for putting my chicken with my brownies. But I don't care if my main course and desserts are on the same plate as long as they are not touching each other.


Fel finishing up too.


All poofed. Eat too full.

One more thing about novena... it is bloody freaking cold there.

Check out what I wore...


I was freezing my butt off the whole time.


kel_chensx said...

U mean ur eyelashes is tat long??

Chuchu said...

kel_chensx: Yup... very long meh? XD

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Ok that stinks that most of the food was already gone so early. That happens here too - we will go from work but very early because of that. But at least there were brownies - yum!

Chuchu said...

Amy: haha yeah it sucked more because it was suppose to be part of the celebrating thing... but o well.
Hope ya had a fun birthday =]

Plankton McPlank said...

Oh man I'm late, but a belated birthday to you by the way :)!

They say people with long lashes are very good at mathematical calculations. Hmm.

-your notsosecretanymore reader :)

Chuchu said...

Plankton McPlank: Haha its alright! Better late than never eh. =P
Oh then that fact is either bull or I'm a exception. Cuz I suck so bad at maths. -_-
Thanks for commenting my notsosecretanymore reader! =D

IamNoOne said...

Wow, yummmmyy..

Just passing through. You might want to take time to participate on my poll and get something in return? Please drop by my blog.

ness here from

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a sad cuisine. BTW, love your cat.

Chuchu said...

IamNoOne: Did the poll already. =]

IMCurtain: Haha you don't say. Thanks I love them too lol. Nice site.

Duni said...


i hate freezer-temperatures in restaurants!
This is Japanese food???
At least the brownies look yummy :)

have a nice weekend,


Chuchu said...

Duni: Me too! It was freaking freezing like hell. Wait hell doesn't freeze. But you get what I mean XD
Haha doesn't look like jap food huh..

Nashe^ said...

Okay that's it i need brownies. NOW!


Thanks for the visit! x)

Jamie Martin said...

Wow what a great set of photos love the expression on your face as you lay back in the chair
also no wonder your cold look at what your not wearing I know I would have been staring at you but I do hate some restraints that are so cold you can not enjoy lightly dressed women I mean your meal and conversation with a friend because your teeth are chattering

Chuchu said...

Nashe^: Thanks for yours too =]]

Jamie Martin: Lol, that is my bloated expression after I eat.
Not only were my teeth chattering, my entire body was shivering so badly. Totally the wrong outfit.