Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Painful eyeballs

Last night I was playing with Bian with this new toy I got back for her from malaysia.

It was one of those cat things where you hold this stick and a toy mouse would be dangling from a string attached to one end of it.


Just like this

Anyway turns out she likes this toy out of all the toys I got back for her.

So I flung the mouse out like how people do when they fish and Bian grabbed hold onto the mouse with her teeth.

Anxious that she would bite the string away so she could run away with the mouse, I quickly yak hard on my end of the stick.

Only to have the mouse come flying back to hit me hard on both eyeballs. Wtf. I don't even get how a thing so small can hit me on both my eyeballs. The size of it, should just be right for one. Unless it bounced off one eyeball and then hit the other. -_-"

Then there was this undescribable intense pain. I just hoped at the moment I wasn't going to go blind for such a stupid action.

After I was done clutching at my eyes, I tried to open them and my vision was blurrier than usual. Wtf. And since it still hurt quite badly I decided it was better to go and sleep. As if there was anything else I could do. Argh.


The culprit!