Friday, May 08, 2009

Gu Gu the Cat

I don't know if it is just me but this few days I find that my vision is blurry? Like there is a invisible fog.

I keep dropping eye drops but it doesn't seem to be clearing up... I hope this doesn't mean my eyesight is deteriorating... after going through the traumatising horror experience that is Lasik.. maybe I should go check on my eyes soon.

I'm trying to sleep now but I can't. First reason is that I keep thinking about so many things... and second is because it is so fucking hot that I got a neck ache after laying down. Then when I get a neck ache, it will soon progress into a headache. Bloody sian. I miss my lousy air con! =(((

Come on man it isn't that I'm high maintenance but when you have hair as long and as thick as mine... then you'll understand.

Anyway. Since I am up with neck ache and headache I might as well talk about the first cat movie I have ever gotten to watch! So excited.

I think it is the only cat movie I know of in my whole life? Besides Garfield. But he's not even a real cat so that doesn't count la.

Why people don't make more cat movies??? Why always making stupid dog ones instead??? So bias la. Argh.

Anyway... I watched Gugu the Cat on youtube. ( Yes I am a shitty person for not supporting it by watching it in the cinemas! * looks down shamefully * But I think it was lucky I didn't because I kept crying throughout the whole show... even when they weren't showing a sad scene I was still crying. Wtf. -_-" I am a basket case. )


I think this is the cover photo for the movie? So cute right?? But which kitten isn't I guess...

The main lead in the show is about this woman call Asako who is a comic artist whose cat named Saba died. Then she becomes all depressy because the cat has been with her for very long.

I found the way they made Saba died so corny. Before she dies, she became a human gal and said bye to her mistress as a ghost or something.

Cat then cat mah. Why must the cat become a human after it dies?? Cheyer.

Yah, so she goes to a pet shop and buys this new kitty to fill up the emptiness that she feels after her cat's death.

Actually I think the way she found Saba more meaningful because Saba was a stray kitten.


This is the main character with Gu Gu! At least the kitty has a really cute name. Haha I want to call my future kitty Gu Gu too!


And this was when she first brought Gu Gu home. Kinda susprise to know that in japan, apparently when you buy a kitten, they put the kitten in a box that has handles for you to hold onto to carry it home.
I thought only small rodents get put into a box... @_@


More cute pictures of Gu Gu.


The story then goes on to involve the life of her assitant, Naomi. And her love interest Seiji who strikes me as a sorta obnoxious kinda person and I don't like him.


This is Naomi sleeping on the couch with Gu Gu. In the show, she is woken up by Gu Gu humping her leg. Which is the only hint in the show that tells you Gu Gu is a boy unlike Saba.
But I don't really think that male cats hump loh. They are not as perverted as dogs.


My most favourite scene! =D

When Naomi visits Asako who is in hospital, and she opens her jacket to have Gu Gu's cute chubby head pop out. Look at that face! Awww...

Near the end of the story, Asako gets cervix cancer and she thinks she is going to die until she can even dream about meeting and having a talk with Saba... in her human form of course which still icks me to no end. I would rather see the cat with speech bubbles on top of its head.

This angmoh guy in the show who is suppose to be a Shinigami ( Death God ) is the one who brings her to see her cat to have her supposingly 'last talk' before she dies.

But she never die la. Then at the end of the story, the meaning behind her cat's name is revealed cause during the whole story she don't want to tell anyone what Gu Gu means.

And I think this must be like the worse part of the whole show. Lol. Seriously. Because the name is revealed by this really corny song that is sung in the ending.

Anyways...... turns out Gu Gu means....... Good Good. Lol.