Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Read at your own risk

This is for certain people who read my blog and saw things that I said that offended them. Be it whether they still come and see my blog or choose to never come here again, what I have to say is specially for them.

Know that this is not only just a blog to me but also very much like my personal diary. It is an outlet for me to vent whatever frustrations I have and express whatever I am feeling, whether it is anger, sadness or just random stuff like poking fun at people I dislike. And just like a diary, the stuff I say may be extremely personal.

Usually most of the stuff I say out here, are when I feel frustrated or pissed off or have no one else to tell them too. And obviously, I am not a nice person when I am angry. Likewise the words that come out of my mouth when I am angry aren't very nice either. Mostly what I'll say would be really mean or bitchy stuff, stuff that normally I wouldn't go around saying to people face. Because all I want to do is to get every frustration, every pissed up feeling I have, out here. I guess by posting it here, is really equivalent to saying it to people's face, and I should just make my whole blog private. But I don't really want to have to do that.

You may find though, that the way I talk about people is really crude or insulting. But it is, simply, just the way I talk when I am pissed off with something. I guess only my sis would know how vulgar I am when I am agitated by something. Then I would rant like some crude ah lian off to her and I think even she cannot stand my many unpleasant words. Lol. Thks ah for tahan-ing me.

I guess rarely has anyone really heard me ranting like how I truely do because often to friends I am another person. I am a different person to different people. Only cause not everyone can accept me for what I really am or some parts of me. So you just have to change to suit that person. Haha, lost already? I guess this reasoning is not for everyone to understand but only a handfull of people.

Anyway, everyone has their own demons and mine... they come out here in my blog. Lol. So, if you happen to not like what you're seeing, then I would think it best that you don't read anything I say here at all. Because this will ultimately still be my outlet for ranting, bitching, venting just about anything that is on my mind.

P.S. I still do apologize to those that I offended with my content, and apologize to those that I may offend in the future. But hey, at least I warned ya. ^_*