Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Layout and Boring Rambling Thoughts...

Woke up to bianster face meowing at me. Lol, which is actually not a bad thing to wake up to. ( Unless it is at night and you see some black black thing looking at you then it may be quite scary. )

Sometimes though, esp in the night, she keeps meowing and I think she wants attention or someone to play with her? But yah, like normal human I am sleeping. ( What??? I can be normal ok?? Wtf. ) Poor thing. Hopefully she will have a companion soon to pei her at night when she is lonely. It will be good too when I go to work and there is a kitty friend to keep her accompany while I'm gone.


Anyway, I decided to just change my whole layout since my previous one doesn't want to work, and I can't stand looking at a buggy layout.

I removed the tagboard too because I thought maybe the html may have screwed my layout and Pea suggested changing to her tagboard.

Wahliao eh, her tagboard is so fucking exclusive that it apparently allows only a certain amount of people to sign up for it. Diao. -_-"

So I didn't make the cut, some sort of, and had to submit my email to them and just wait till they have space for me. First time sia, I have to wait to register for something. Amazing.


Besides that... I also took down links of my blog. So much for being able to meet more cat people. Lol. Yah but anyway, for now just take it down la just in case I go and blabber bout some offending stuff. Then another big woohoo happens. For all the common sense in the world, I lacked the common sense to block my bitchy comments out. Sorry ah, I was born afew lightbulbs short. Lol.

*Rambling thoughts alert*

Lots of thoughts swimming in my head since yest... whether it was really right or wrong of me to just show whoever comes here all of my bitchiness. Haha, and yes... for those who don't know, I can be a really bitchy person. >.<

Although Pea did tell me that it IS my blog after all and I should be able to write whatever I want. Then I thought that yah that is true, but then I should still be considerate of people's feelings. But at the same time if I kept thinking about everybody's feelings and who will get hurt by what I say... then I would have to post stuff which I didn't really feel.

Then really, what would be the point of this outlet for me? If I had to mask all my comments and make everything nice, then I would be wanting a popularity blog for superficial people to come here and make nice happy comments too. No, I didn't make this for anybody. I made this blog for me.

Ironically, I have been told that I put on a mask for people in real life but yet in here, show a very different side of me. The part of me in real life, isn't a mask, but just another side of me. Often what you are seeing, is just the nice side. Here though, you get to see the very worst. Wtf huh.

Just suddenly remembering one part of what Regina told me... that posting bitchy mean comments about a friend on the net would never be something that she could do. At that moment I think I told her it was cause I was angry with some of the stuff she did. Which is true.

But I felt like I was missing something. I know what it is now. I could do what may seem like such a horrible unfathomable thing to her, simply because... I am not her. There will be stuff that she can do, that I would never do. Likewise, there will be things, faults or mistakes I make that she herself will never do..

And my trail of thoughts ends there...