Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I wanna play Pet Society leh!!!

Waaaaaaaaaa! Fuck la! Why my com so kennasai one??? Damn bloody hard to play pet society on facebook loh. Cause it is so fucking lag and slow... even worse then when I'm playing dota sia. Boohoohoo... but I wanna play with my pet and buy lots of pink stuff for her! Haiz... sian la. Stupid com. So lousy can't even play a stupid game. Haiyo and I keep restarting my cb com in the hopes that it will be able to work better but no use! Ultimate sianess la. =(

Never mind, I will attempt to play it again later... hopefully with better results this time.

And besides that, the air con also don't wanna work today! Fuckkkkkkk la... So hot already I wanna die and the cb air con don't work. Fuck you air con and this whole stupid house! What? I damn tulan ok? I think today is another suay day or what, keep on having suay stuff happen and the whole day haven't over yet. ( Em, little did I know how right I was. ) =((

Yah, and I receive empty email from Tg. Dunno what is up with that?? But it creeps me out. And he also suddenly add me on facebook but no pictures whatsoever on his facebook account, it looks like a newly created account. Last time I still remember him saying that he closed his friendster account cause feel sian and no point, then now come and make a facebook account. Then why bother to cancel the friendster one in the first place if what he wanted was to see whats up with me. Diao la. One of the many examples of him saying one thing but doing another.

Not enough my malaysia trip should suck so badly, come back still got all this stuff to deal with. Haiyo. Yah la I know, never rains but pours.

Haiz. Then dunno why after I spent the longest time creating such a nice cbox, it doesn't want to appear on my blog la! Then I keep trying to change the html here and there, it still doesn't work so I gave up and made a shoutbox instead. Jeez.

Oh wow. Now my blog also got problem. I can't see the layout. It is all fucked up. What the hell is wrong with my com ah?? Wahliao. I feel like go and bang my head somewhere or smashing this fucked up pc on the wall.