Monday, April 27, 2009

Ragamuffin kittens and a fat cat

I want this toy! It is even pink colour!

So fun sia. I think Bianbian would really like it? Or maybe she will just get bored of going round and round, lol.

And look at this ragdoll cat in this video...

Thank goodness Bianster is nothing like that. Otherwise when she jumps on me, I think you would have to call me bian instead.

Oh and a susprise may just come in a month's time! Or maybe not if things don't go well. =/

Pictures of Bian from down under. =)))


This is one of her fave sleeping spots cause she gets to look out the window and see the world go by. I'm just laying on the bed below her.


A closer look at her owl face.


Finally I decided not to be so lazy and to get up to take this pic.


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