Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pet Society

Pea told me Mum went and peeped at some stuff somebody brought over for me, even though she knows it is my stuff.

Even though I am not even there to give my permission for her to snoop around my personal belongings. She told me not to be pissed about it too.

But still... I was pissed. Actually am still pissed off.

Because I hate people who have no respect for other people's privacy. Since young though she has always been like that and you would have thought I would have gotten used to it by now... But no. I am still not used to it. I still get fucking piss off whenever I know she has been snooping around. It is just plain fucking rude.

And hey, people who can bring themselves to snoop around other people's stuff without their permission are also most likely people you can't trust. This I find so very true.

Really, it is amazing my family can still find ways to agitate me even though I am not even home. No wonder I fucking hate that place. I think before I'm even old, I would have already died from stroke/ heart attack from high blood pressure OR from breathlessness caused by her bloody monsters. Because instead of having fresh air inside my lungs, it will be clogged full of her dog's hair. Now that would be a sight.

I don't see how she can still keep those worthless monsters despite Pea and me having all kinds of health problems because of them. Can't she just give them away and get a hypoallergic dog for goodness sake? How can her stupid dogs be more important than her children? Isn't the fact that her dogs can cause a asthma attack bad enough? Sometimes I wish I could faster die from my breathlessness just so my parents would feel sorry. Then maybe they will give the stupid creatures away and Pea could have a better life too and won't have to suffer at that unbearable place.

Ah, forget it... Think about it make me feel so tulan. Everyday like will have things to be pissed about one.


Anyway, I saw POSB Cat. Too bad everytime I see him, always don't have my camera with me. He is so cute. Always 'guarding' the POSB atm one. And he is the first cat who pudge me. Lol, people who don't play dota won't understand what I mean.

Since I don't have pictures of POSB Cat, I shall put up pictures of my pet in Pet Society!


Ta da!

Haha, cute mah? Don't really have enough cash to get her better clothes but I think this isn't too bad? Looks quite nice already ba. Notice her cute bunny slippers?

Her name is Chu.


This was the very first furniture I bought after I had more cash. Before that, my poor pet only had a fugly chair ( which I sold because it was just too fucking ugly ) and a lousy tv. Those come free when you start playing the game.

Now she has a nice bed to sleep on! =D


See how happy she looks? Hahaha. =P