Friday, October 02, 2009

Tribute to Momo

After four plus long years... Momo, my mottled dwaft hamster, finally passed away on 18 September 2009..

He lived an extraordinary long life. Longer than what most dwaft hamsters in singapore live to anyway. Usually the average dawft hamster here can only live till one plus to two years at most. They live such short lives because of a serious case of inbreeding.

He will also be the very last hamster I will ever keep. I now think a hamster life in a cage is just such a sad way to live. I'll rather they just be left alone from where they came from... be it the fields or wherever. At least it bets living afew years in a boring cage having no freedom and just having a stinky wheel to run in. I think all small animals should just be left in the wild and not kept as pets... just as birds are meant to fly in the air.

Also its too heartbreaking to keep a living thing you have feelings for only to have it pass away two years later...

Anyway... here's just afew pictures of Momo.


This was when I first got Momo. He slept in this same house for four years.


Here he is picking the litter and stuffing his housey with it. He always like to stuff the whole house so full of litter until you couldn't see him at all.


I think this was the first time he got on the wheel. At that time I was thinking to myself that he's so tiny but the wheel so big.. who knew one day he became such a fat fluff ball haha.


And he really loves to eat those black or white nut thing... Not sure is it sesame seeds??


All grown up le. Momo was very tame. He wouldn't nibble or bite anyone at all. You could just feed him seeds or any food from your hand. I was blessed to have such a smart and well behaved little fellow.


Last picture of him... actually I took many photos of him but most of them are blur.. I was a really crap photographer afew years ago.. -_-

He will be one of the two hamsters I have kept in my life that I've always remember. Maybe more so than my robo Fatty hamsty because of how long he lived but as the years went by, he who was originally a fluffball became a skeleton and I guess its just because he was too old... tough to stay fat when you are that old.. but I still felt very sad everytime I looked at him and he was just all bones.. anyway I'm such he is in a much better place now. Hamster heaven or wherever that may be. At least he isn't restricted to a cage anymore. Rest in peace Momo.. I do love you so.


Jamie Martin said...

I am so sorry I love hamsters and had two boys named Ichie and Zippie they were both Russian Dwarf Loved them both but as you said with such short life spans you feel sad to see them go so soon and wish they could have much much more room to play in!
Again so sorry what a cutie from the pictures you took bet he was happy with you taking good care of him

Chuchu said...

Yeah, I can't imagine being heartbroken every two years..
It is ok, I'm sure he is much happier in his hamster heaven now. Regrets to say I didn't take the best care I could... I wish I did better.

José Ramón said...

Excellent reportage Greetings