Sunday, October 04, 2009

Random thoughts of the day

1: OMG! Having a fringe is actually so fun, who knew that?? Cuse' me but I haven't had a fringe since one of my ex-hairstylist Matthew tried cutting me a fringe that he said looks like Rainie's ( as in that Rainie. You know who right? ) but I just think it fucking looks like someone dumped a bowl on top my head and cut around it. ( Thanks ah Matthew! NOT! ) It is a whole new world to me having to see things through my fringe.

2: OMG. Got fucking giant zit on my face. Eyesore loh. Why the hell do zits even exist???

3: When am I going to get to travel again.... When oh when oh when...

4: Why people's cats no problem one but mine got like one million and one problem??? Not that I don't love them... I do... But why liddat one???

5: Why do the authors of those bloody love story books I always read make sex out to be some world exploding, earth shattering, soul changing, etc, kinda shit when it is nothing like that in reality? How can they deceive all the innocent gals reading their books??

6: Am I the only one in the world who needs to yawn to breathe properly? Only during periods when I'm having difficulty breathing that is.


Jamie Martin said...

first what no photo of the hair dooooo and zit He he sorry but we all have them much worse for a girl though
Poor Kitty hope the problems get better but like always you never see all the work others do on there pets to make them look good
Also have that yawn to Breathe problem looked at sounds like something that could become worse not better over time

Chuchu said...

Yah that is true though..
I think i may be having a serious case of asthma? Will go to the doc very soon..