Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Did you know that such a thing existed? I didn't even realise that there was a in-between stage of boxers and briefs called boxer briefs till recently. Well I guess it should be ok for me not to know since I'm a gal after all? Wtf.

Anyway... I think I have an idea of what it looks like but just didn't realise it had a name. Cool. Now I know.

Found it out from watching a damn youtube video. Talking about what gals like to see on guys the most of all. Guess which one is the gals favourite?

Turns out most gals like seeing guys wear boxer-briefs the most. Second is boxers. And briefs isn't even the last choice ( going commando is more prefered than briefs even ) because only little boys, very old men and your dads wear briefs.

Which is true. My dad does wear briefs. Thereby automatically making briefs a huge turn off for me to see on any guy I am with. Eww.

And for the average guy... I think boxers or boxer briefs are more flattering than briefs. Unless you have a really hot looking bod like a calvin klein's model otherwise you will just be squeezing all your fats out of your underwear. Which is not a pleasant sight right.

Hmm... dunno what the guys prefer though.. shall go around randomly asking..

P.S. If you are going to leave a comment. please say what you prefer and why. Thanks. =]]]


kenwooi said...

it depends on the guys themselves..
different guys, different taste.. =P

Caffery said...

Support what Kenwooi said. ^^

Anonymous said...

How about running shorts? I find guys wearing running shorts very man and if little boy wear it I call him MAN IN MAKING!

Chuchu said...

Haha yeah, but it will be interesting to know Which is more preferred and even more interesting to know Why. =]

Chuchu said...

Running shorts not included la. Very man meh? -_-"

Anonymous said...

I dunno...I'm 19...a skinny guy and wear briefs...I look good in them...

Chuchu said...

Well i guess for skinny guys shouldn't be too bad. At least no digusting fatty lumps hanging out. But boxers are the sexiest la hahaha XD

perfectionista said...

i agree, briefs are a turn off :p
i like my guy in boxers.

Tony Wan said...

LOL... Superman's wearing brief. Do you think he is cool? I cant imagine superman that wear boxer. LMAO

However. I personally think boxer is nicer to see :D

Different ppl, different taste.

Kelvin said...

I don't wear underwear.

Jamie Martin said...

What you forgot a thong although not something I would wear or tighty Whiteys briefs that are too small and all white!
Boxers feel the best but some times it is the material they are made of that makes them feel so nice

Everycat said...

Just dropped by for a catch up! What a time of it you have been having. Sorry to read that little Momo died, he was a sweet little soul and did so well to live twice as long as other hamsters. Poor you and the cats being so poorly too! This is awful, what a run of bad luck. I hope you are all well again really soon - I did laugh at you asking to be taken to the vets though, delerium huh. Big old bummer about the job at the vets - you are better off out of a toxic workplace, they are the worst. Some people just need a big slap for behaving that way at work. Hope another opportunity comes up soon for you. The fringe looks cool. Lastly - boxer briefs are ok, there's some pretty ones around, nice and comfy too and nothing like the horrors worn by old men haha!

Take it easy Chuchu - purrs to Bianbian and Juu Juu


Chuchu said...

perfectionista: finally someone who agrees with me. lol.

Tony Wan: actually i never liked superman. i always thought him retarded because he wore his underwear on the outside. whether he wears briefs or boxers, he still looks like a fucking retard. Lol.

Kelvin: Ohhh sexy. But be careful of zipper accidents yah.

Jamie Martin: that totally slipped my mind! thongs and men just didn't register in my head. haha i won't ever understand why anyone would like wearing something that is like butt floss. Yes its also the material that matters. Nice silky material rocks!

Everycat: Thanks! I hope this bad luck ends soon too. A person can only take so much bad luck. =D
Haha yes was too far gone to know what I was saying at that time...
The last part you said about the boxer brief thing cracked me up Lol.

G Lucciano said...

definitely depends on the guy. I'm not a fan of the tighty whitey's though. Boxers all the way..

great post

Anya said...

Great informative post ;)
Have a relaxing weekend
hugs to all
Kareltje =^.^=

Chuchu said...

G Lucciano: Yeah! Boxers all the way man! Haha

Anya: Heh, thanks Kareltje! XD