Friday, June 12, 2009

Sick again...

Yes. It started with a sore throat then blossomed into some feverish flu shit.

I guess in a way I should have seen it coming. After all, the weather has been so bloody hot lately that I came on-ing and off-ing my air con like every few minutes.

Also I guess cause I haven't been sleeping well. Wake up like every few minutes too.

So in the end..... kenna sick.

But Pea made me this manuka honey thingy and wah! After like drinking one cup of that thing, my sore throat actually went away! Omg... so cool. I only wished I drank that miracle drink sooner.

Too bad it can't make my runny nose and feverish feeling go away too. Oh well.


Anyway, I was nibbling on this smoked salmon sandwich from Soupspoon and I bit on a bone! WTF!

Smoked salmon leh! Anybody who eats smoked salmon or raw salmon should know it is impossible to have bones one loh! Fuck sia. Maybe its a bone from another fish that dropped into the sandwich??? -_-"

The stupid sandwich...


Still can't beat the one at the dunno what store at plaza singapura.