Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy week

Last week was pretty jam pack for me. I went out 3 days in a row ( I try to go out on alternate days so I don't feel so tired and cause I'm lazy too la ) and almost fainted from lack of sleep. Lol. Yes, my energy level really suck. I go out one outing, must recharge damn long one.

But it was worth it. I had fun. Its a rare thing for me to actually have fun. Maybe also cause I seldom go out.

I managed to meet up with my ex-classmate from san yu. I thought we were just school mates or something but then I found out from him that we were classmates. Wtf. My memory super fail sia. I think Pisal or Rachel may remember Ridwan.

Anyway, I met up with him and his friend downtown and we headed off for some drinks. Got me first taste of red wine and I couldn't stand the taste because I found it damn bitter. But I still sipped at it because his friend picked up the tab and even though I volunteered to pay my share, he wouldn't accept it. Such a nice guy.
Btw, he's malaysian too. Just like me.

Hung out and chit chatted with them till pretty late and we all had to take cab home. They told me that I would be taking the same cab with them because they were sending me back before heading to their own place, which I thought was super nice of them because while I stayed in yishun, their place was at aljunied.
Which is nowhere near yishun at all.

So touched la!

Haha but Ridwan friend so poor thing cause he got work the next day but despite that still accompany and talk with us till so late. So sweet.


When I reach back I had this headache because of the alcohol but only managed to lay down for like a lame 3 hours before getting up to prepare to go out with the gals.

We were all late though. Wtf. Nobody managed to reach orchard at the arranged time we were suppose to meet. Lol.

Fel reach first. I arrived next.


While waiting for Siyu, we took afew pictures because it's been awhile since we last met.

When she came, the lot of us walked around town awhile before heading over to tcc to slack and grouse over life's suckiness. We were all having our own share of problems and it was pretty emo.


This is supposingly a emo shot of Fel but she is counting money. Wtf. I suck at taking candid shots. -_-

There is also a emo shot of Siyu but I think she will kill me if I post candid shots of her.


Last few pictures we took before we all had to leave. Haha, Fel's wearing her brand new hairband which I helped put on for her.


Stand alone picture of her that I took, in which Siyu and I thought she sorta looked like Alice in wonderland.


Only photo that missy took with us but I cut myself out because I looked so fugly in this shot.


mei'er said...

Busy gal! Take care and don't fall sick ya?
I know why you're so tired; because you're a vampire and thus not used to going out in the daytime.
Glad you had fun ^_~

Chuchu said...

Haha, ty for 'opening ceremony' yah... So nice of you =D

karina said...

i still love your hair jajaj .... im your country everyone look gorgeous...

Chuchu said...

karina: Haha thanks! I'm sure people from peru look gorgeous too =D