Sunday, June 21, 2009


So lately I've been having dreams again whenever I sleep.

My dreams come and go.

There will always be like a period where I dream alot or a period whereby I don't have any dreams at all.

I guess that's good in a way too because I think you don't really get as good of a sleep when you're dreaming.

Anyway so far, one of the dreams which I can remember had Rachel in it. She was at my place or something and it seemed like I was moving house? Then we were sitting somewhere talking and she told me Gin was gonna study music at NYP for 6 years. Wtf. So weird.

Then another involved Pisal. We were in a classroom and Mr Chee ( WTF WTF ) was teaching maths. He came and scold me because I didn't do my maths homework and I thought Pisal would help but instead he just ignored me. =(


The last one I can remember is this dream where I was with a guy that looked like Adrian Pang. See? This is the result of watching too much Red Thread. Haha... Omg la.

And that's about it... for now.