Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yes, I had the craving for them lately and so...

got myself some from Carnival and Co.!


The pretty box in which the cupcakes came in.

Okay I know the ribbon is upside down... its because I tied it.

Anyway when you open the box up.......

You'll see this!


So pretty right???

( I like the design on the two small cupcakes in the middle the most! )

See already, almost can't bear to eat them. Way too pretty.

Haha but the key word is almost.

They're a mixture of peanut butter and carrot cake flavors.

But when you open it up, the smell of peanut butter is so overwhelming.

Overall... taste wise was just average even though they looked really good. But I think the Sugar Fairy's cupcakes, although not the best looking, actually tasted much better than these ones.


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Chuchu said...

Yes, extremely! ^^