Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All grown up now

Think it was back in jan or feb when Bianbian decided to mature into a lady cat at 11 months old and started her awful yowling.

I could barely catch any sleep during that period. She has always been more active at night and when she was in heat it was even worse because she would be wailing throughout the whole night and I kept getting up to sayang her. To me even though I was so tired it was still alright because nothing is more important than her. Not even my beauty sleep. Lol.

But then I felt like she was very poor thing because she was yowling and crying so pitifully everyday. So I decided to sent her to the vet to get her sterilised...

So I sent her to this geylang pet clinic. Which was a utter disaster. She was in such a poor state when I went to fetch her back home. My baby looked soggy, her fur was messed up and she smelled bad. Apparently they told me that she shitted and peed while they were doing the surgery thats why her fur so dirty and smelled bad. Then cannot wipe her with a warm towel or something ah??? Or at least clean her up a little. My poor Bianbian. Trust them with my cat then still dare to give her back to me in this state.

It was my mistake to bring her there and I should have brought her to the ava clinic near my house. I believe the shorty vet there would have handled her better.

So that day when I brought her home, because she looked so poor thing, I put her in the ikea pet bed that was meant for mum's dogs.


She doesn't look soggy and messed up here because I kept wiping her down with warm towels as I couldn't bathe her after the surgery. Before cleaning her, her white socks had turned into yellow socks. Wtf. I had to wipe her paws like a million times before they started looking white again.


I think because her abdomen hurt and she felt pain, so she kept changing sleeping positions. Ke lian. It was so heart pain to see her like that. =(


It's not visible in the pictures but her lower abdomen is totally shaved and her arm was not spared either. They shaved a part off and I didn't even noticed it till afew days later. -_-"

Thank goodness her beautiful fur has all grown back now. And she has totally recovered from that incident. =D

Lesson learnt. Never go to the clinic for pets at Geylang ever again!