Friday, January 01, 2010

Me. The Smallest Gal at the Smallest Bar. LOL.

Everytime I stop blogging, there's only one reason why.

It's always because I've found a job and started working.

I really admire those people who are still able to find the time to blog even though they are working. For me is like since I work 6 days a week, my one miserable off day is spent catching up on sleep. And I feel that if you work 6 days, 1 day off feels like nothing. It just whooshes by just like that and its time to work again before you know it. Fuck sian la.

Then in whatever little spare time I have, is mostly spent on the cats. They've gotten so used to having me around 24/7. I think that they miss me when I go to work. Even though Bianbian is usually aloof, she hovers around the door everytime I leave the room. And comes and kneads on my blanket when I'm sleeping.

JuuJuu too. She still has the habit to come and lay beside my head and nibble on my face. Diao.

Oh well, no choice also. Have to earn money to support you fattys. Otherwise how you guys stay cute and fat hor. Lol.

Anyway, I found a job as a bar waitress. The job's certainly been ( for lack of a better word ) interesting so far. Entertaining at times too I guess.

I have three japanese bosses. Who are all men. And I'm the only waitress at my bar because it's a newly opened one. Which is really an advantage for me because this also means no other female around. No chances of anyone bitching, backstabbing or sabotaging me at work. Phew! But then again, catering to three different bosses is not easy. Especially when each is so different in character from another.

It gets really frustrating sometimes but I think I have gotten sorta used to it by now.

When I have more time ( Unlikely! ), I may post some pictures up and all.

Now is time to go back to sleep... Zzz


Shop N' Chomp said...

Good luck on your new job, girl!

Plankton said...

Does the bar happens to be located at Clarke Quay?! We might be colleagues!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Congrats on the new job! Now go get some rest!!

Chuchu said...

Shop N' Chomp: Thanks! I need it lol.

Plankton: Haha that would be cool nia! But my bar is over at boat quay instead... awww..

Amy and the House of Cats: Thanks! No worries I fell right off to sleep haha so tired -_-

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey Chuchu! Hope your new job is going well. Yep, I made it back home in one piece. Wow, never heard of wearing jewelry bringing bad luck but I guess it is better for you to be on the safe side. :)

Jamie Martin said...

Get some good rest for all new jobs are a pain learning everything and to have 3 bosses I feel sorry for you but you will get used to it and find some extra time some where so take good care of yourself and have some fun!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi! Long time no POKE! He! He! So hows is ur job as bra waitress??? Got lotsa of tipsy???

Young said...

i might have u seen around. was at bq last night and many other nights. :)

dasda said...

I'm working in boat quay too. Where are you at? I come visit lol!

Chuchu said...

Shop N' Chomp: Glad to hear you made it back in one piece! Haha even though I had no doubt you would. =D
Well, new job is... complicated. Lol. About the jewellery thing, I just pierced several earholes, so dead nia >_<

Jamie Martin: Yup, the beginning is always the hardest.. there's still so much to learn and I keep making stupid mistakes and getting scolded by me bosses >_<
Thanks for the well wishes though!

Horny Ang Moh: Heh yeah! Life's been hectic man. Haha I wish I got lots of tips la! But too bad not many people come cause new bar mah so not many tips =[

Young: You mean BBQ Bar? that's just opposite my bar only, hehe cool. Feel free to drop by if you want. I could sell you the drinks at my bar cheaper. =]

dasda: Eh so nice of ya la! Sometimes really very fuck boring at my bar cause nobody. It's at one of the corner, opposite the two 7-eleven, inside a jap restaurant. Which bar you working at??

dasda said...

Im at yello Jello lol! what's the name!

Chuchu said...

dasda: Is that along the river? Haha, sorry never really have the time to work around boat quay so not sure what bar is where and what not.. also after I finish work everything is usually close liao. =[
My bar is call the smallest bar in singapore. Lol. Wtf.

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